Welcome to the Verreciel Wiki, a documentation of the iOS exploration game Verreciel developed by Devine Lu Linvega. We will aim to fully document the items, locations, and cryptic storyline of the game through this community-oriented site.

About Verreciel

"Verreciel is a virtual space exploration project in which you must learn to use your Glass Ship's consoles, route them into one-another, and navigate the surrounding universes aboard this fragile habitat." - Official Description
Verreciel is part of a series of narrative video games developed by Devine Lu Linvega, including other titles such as Hiversaires and Oquonie. The graphically conservative exploration game involves piloting a glass ship through space, interacting with the universe and alien star systems through the various ports and consoles of the capsule. Learn more through the navigation below.



  • The Capsule


  • Loiqe System
  • Senni System
  • Valen System
  • Usul System
  • The Transit Circle
  • The Close


  • Currencies
  • Keys
  • Audio Tapes
  • Capsule Upgrades
  • Miscellanious


  • Missions

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